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icewater: my favorite.

Posted by melissa mcgee | 3:40 PM |


skylight: abandoned lamp at the creepy abandoned carwash

broken: the broken window in the broken door at the creepy carwash

creepy: the creepy carwash

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click the image for a more detailed view.
bottlecaps: vintage bottlecaps from my collection. i owe my thanks for these bottlecaps to my friend, shellie.
she hooked a sister up.

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weird: i found this curly-antennaed little bug when i began to dust my mantle this morning, where he was lying in state for god knows how long. he was tucked behind a small photo frame. i think he's kinda pretty, in a "good thing i'm dead cause i woulda stung you if i wasn't" sort of way.

hap-hap-happy: i've actually gotten my gerbera daisies to bloom! this one is a little faded but still lovely and way too damn happy.

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chicken: drummies, still nestled together on their yellow styrofoam tray before i roasted them this afternoon.
i love chicken way too much to look at images like this for too long.

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dandy:the remainder of the crazy japanese candies my friend sara used as packing material in my birthday present. as of this writing, most of this candy no longer exists in my home...

pink flamingo: a prop in my studio that i've never really known what to do with.

peppermint: essential oil. i'm all out.

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leftover valentines: now i can throw these damn things away.

tab: it's what i'm drinking.

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brand new blog - the daily photo.
this is my attempt at making myself accountable for taking at least one photo every day.
i'm getting a jump on things today with more than one...

today: my backyard

the last stack ; when i moved in, i hauled off more than a dozen old tires left behind by the previous residents. there is a bird's nest in the top tire in this stack, so i don't want to move these till the birds vacate.

tableaux; found in my back yard. there are lots of snails where i live. these are vacant.

silly chile birdhouse; i hate southwestern kitsch more than just about anything, but the previous spare-tire-loving residents also left this birdhouse in this tree, so i left it. it also has residents. between the snails & the birds, i should be charging rent. that's my green greenhouse in the background.

my apple tree; my apples are getting bigger! the tree man came out and pruned it for me, and removed the branches that were resting on the ground, which as i understand, makes for heartier apples. thanks, tree man.

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