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the wedding cake

the groom's cake

the dress

the first dance : dale & kenda. congratulations!

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babies I: wildflower seedlings that sprouted up seemingly overnight after it rained yesterday.

babies II: peppermint babies; a reincarnation. baby peppermint sprouted where a dead peppermint plant had been.

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icewater: my favorite.

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skylight: abandoned lamp at the creepy abandoned carwash

broken: the broken window in the broken door at the creepy carwash

creepy: the creepy carwash

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click the image for a more detailed view.
bottlecaps: vintage bottlecaps from my collection. i owe my thanks for these bottlecaps to my friend, shellie.
she hooked a sister up.

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weird: i found this curly-antennaed little bug when i began to dust my mantle this morning, where he was lying in state for god knows how long. he was tucked behind a small photo frame. i think he's kinda pretty, in a "good thing i'm dead cause i woulda stung you if i wasn't" sort of way.

hap-hap-happy: i've actually gotten my gerbera daisies to bloom! this one is a little faded but still lovely and way too damn happy.

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chicken: drummies, still nestled together on their yellow styrofoam tray before i roasted them this afternoon.
i love chicken way too much to look at images like this for too long.

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